Vision, Mission, Belief

Our Vision

All DREAMers should have the opportunity to realize the American dream of obtaining a college education and contributing to the prosperity of our nation.

Our Mission

Our mission is to support DREAMers college access and success through a scholarship to Partner Colleges that are committed to their success and advocacy for tuition and aid equity.

Our Belief

We believe the cost of a college education should not preclude highly motivated DREAMers with the commitment and desire to succeed from going to college. We are the “Pell Grant” for DREAMers. Based on this belief and the need, we have created a fund that provides DREAMers with scholarships for quality, affordable college educations that lead to career-ready degrees. The goal is to enable over 4,000 highly motivated, low-income, DREAMers to graduate with career-ready degrees over the course of the next decade.