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Countdown to the Virtual Ceremony on May 26th at 7:00 pm ET!


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This year’s theme: WE GO FORWARD TOGETHER

Our theme reflects how as a collective we’ve encountered many obstacles and hardships, but together we have been able to move forward. It is also a reflection that even though these Scholars have graduated, we will continue to be with them and support them as they move forward into their careers. Lastly, the theme is a reflection and nod to all the individuals who are part of the Scholar’s life and college success; from family, friends, this scholarship, to college supports.

Our theme aims to highlight the amazing potential of this cohort of graduates and how they’ve been able to move forward and persevere despite so many obstacles in their way, including:

  • Arrived in college as the Trump administration and allies were trying to end the DACA program
  • Faced a global pandemic and adjustment to learning online, with many from families that bore a disproportionate toll of COVID
  • Watched as their hopes for a long-awaited immigration legislative breakthrough were raised again at start of this administration and remain unfulfilled

We want to celebrate and showcase your accomplishments!

Action Item! TO DO BY MAY 20th

Submit any of the following to be featured in the Commencement Ceremony slideshow and on TheDream.US social media channels.
Please send a picture, video (30 seconds or less), quote or all three with the subject line “TheDream.US Grad” to [email protected] by Friday, May 20.
 Suggestions for a picture of you, e.g.:
●     You with your cap and gown;
●     At campus;
●     With your family;
●     At your job;
Suggestions for a quote, e.g.:
●     Thanking the founders/donors/program;
●     Inspirational quote;
●     Wish for you and your fellow Grads;
●     Overall Scholar experience
Suggestions for a video (30 seconds or less), e.g.:
●     Tik-Tok style graduation video
●     Overall Scholar experience
●     Thank you message to friends, family, and supporters
●     Message to your past self and what the future awaits


Immediately following the ceremony, there will be a virtual happy hour, here families and Grads can continue the celebration! Your hosts will be TheDream.US Alumni Melanny Buitron, Program Manager, and Sandra Camacho, Creator of ThePricklyThingsPodcast. Register here.




First, reach out to your Scholar Advisor for a TheDream.US graduation stole. If they do not reply or do not have any stoles, please contact Melanny at [email protected]