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Alumni Network

TheDream.US Alumni Network will be the largest community for DREAMer college graduates in the nation.  We invite you to join our Alumni Network online platform by clicking here

Our Vision:  

An America where all young people, regardless of where they were born, have the opportunity to have meaningful careers and contribute to their communities and our nation.

Our Mission:

To provide DREAMers with opportunities and tools for career advancement and community service.

Our Values:


Social Responsibility

Honor Our Stories



Alumni Council

Bruna Distinto

graduated Summa Cum Laude from Trinity Washington University with a Bachelor of Arts and a double major in International Affairs and Sociology. She is currently working as an Immigration Paralegal at Clark Hill.

Valeria Hernandez

graduated from San Jose State University in December 2017 with a Bachelor of Arts in Sociology. She is currently trying to pursue a graduate degree in Social Work and a career in Counseling.

Kai Martin

graduated Cum Laude from John Jay College of Criminal Justice in 2018 with a Bachelor of Arts in Law and Society. She is currently pursuing a graduate degree in Public Policy at Trachtenberg School of Public Policy & Public Administration at George Washington University.

Carmen Munoz

graduated from Florida International University in 2017 with a Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration in Finance. She is an entrepreneur who aspires to own a real estate business.

Kevin Ortiz

graduated Cum Laude from the University of Central Florida in 2017 with a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration. He is currently a Student Leadership Fellow with the BB&T Leadership Institute.

Luis Ursua

graduated from Arizona State University in May of 2018 with a Bachelor of Science in Biochemistry. He is currently working as an Array Production Associate at ICarbonX.

Graduate Scholarship Program

TheDream.US Reach Scholarship

In the fall of 2018, TheDream.US Alumni spoke to our Board of Advisors about their desire to continue their education and obtain a graduate degree. With the encouragement from our Board and a supportive donor, we began exploring the possibility of a graduate scholarship program. The 2019 TheDream.US survey showed a good number of our Scholars are seeking to pursue master’s or doctoral or professional degrees; this affirmed the urgent need to identify funding for TheDream.US alumni (45% – plan to pursue Master’s degrees and 39% plan to pursue doctoral or professional degrees).
To learn what works and create an evidence base for the value of a graduate school program for DREAMers, we are currently developing a pilot scholarship that will fund a limited number of our Alumni and seniors seeking master’s degrees relevant and needed to work in their field of study.
We hope that our work is a catalyst that helps colleges, universities, scholarship programs, and caring individuals support graduate opportunities for DREAMers– whether funded through scholarships, fellowships, or loans.



Scholarship Round Dates

February 4 – Email Announcement

February 10– Application Opens

February 24 – Deadline; Round now closed

End of March 2020 – Email Announcement of recipients and non-recipients.

Eligibility Criteria 

  • Be accepted to and enroll full-time in an eligible graduate degree program at one of TheDream.US Graduate Partner Colleges for Fall 2020-21
  • Cannot have been or currently be enrolled in a master’s degree program
  • Be eligible for in-state tuition rate (if applicable)
  • Earned a bachelor’s degree with a GPA of 3.0 or better on a 4.0 scale by Spring of 2020 from one of TheDream.US Partner Colleges
  • Have taken GRE or GMAT as required by the GPC graduate program
  • Have been active in TheDream.US Scholars’ community online and on-campus
  • Have been active in your college community
  • Can pay, with state, institutional aid, other fellowships or scholarships, and GPC’s help, the full cost of attendance for the eligible program

Participating Colleges and Who Can Apply

  • Florida International University
    • For Florida TheDream.US Alumni or Seniors
  • Hunter College
    • For CUNY TheDream.US Alumni or Seniors
  • University of Houston
    • For Texas TheDream.US Alumni or Seniors
  • Trinity Washington University
    • For Trinity Washington University Opportunity Scholars TheDream.US Alumni or Seniors
    • For National Scholars who live in the DMV area (Male or Female) who are TheDream.US Alumni or Seniors


The application will ask the following information:

  1. Applicant Demographics
  2. Graduate Partner College/University Choice
  • Field of Study
  • Major
  • Current Partner College from which you graduated or will graduate by the 2019-2020 academic year
  • Cumulative GPA
  1. Supporting Documents
  • A copy of your transcript showing grades and cumulative GPA
  1. Financial Information
  2. Community Engagement/Resume
  • Provide a full description of unpaid activities not required for school credit
  • TheDream.US and/or College Community Service Description
  • College Extracurricular Activity
  • College Honor or Award
  • Employer Name
  • Work/Internship History
  1. Personal Statement
  • In less than 750 words, explain how a graduate degree is relevant to your long-term career goals and will be of value in enhancing your future contributions and accomplishments.

Available Graduate Programs

To apply, you must meet the criteria for both the Reach Scholarship program and the Graduate Partner College’s (GPC) graduate admissions and program requirements. You can only use this Scholarship for the degrees listed below (there will be no exceptions or considerations of other degree programs). Please take the time to review each program carefully as there are different admission criteria and requirements. You must apply respectively to the graduate degree at your designated GPC.

If you have questions about any of the graduate programs, you can contact the following individuals. Please note in your email that you are a TheDream.US Scholars/Alumni.

Florida International University

Dr. Lidia Kos: [email protected]

Claudia Balzan: [email protected]

Hunter College

Manoj P Pardasani: [email protected]

Eija Ayravainen: [email protected]

University of Houston

Students should contact the program. The following is a link to the list of contacts for the graduate programs

Graduate school: [email protected]

Trinity Washington University

Iris Escarraman: [email protected]

Trinity Washington University

Business Administration, MBA
Curriculum and Instruction, MEd
Early Childhood Education, MAT
Educational Administration, MSA
Elementary Education, MAT
Organizational Management and Leadership, MSA
Public Health, MPH
Secondary Education, MAT
Special Education, MAT
Strategic Communication and Public Relations, MA


University of Houston


Accountancy, MSAcy
Aerospace Engineering, MS
Applied Economics, MA
Applied Math, MS
Biology, MS
Biomedical Engineering, MS
Business Analytics, MS
Chemical Engineering, MS
Chemistry, MS
Civil Engineering, MS
Computer & Systems Engineering, MS
Computer Science, MS
Construction Management, MS
Curriculum and Instruction, MEd
Cybersecurity, MS
Electrical Engineering, MS
Engineering Technology, MS
Environmental Engineering, MS
Exercise Science, MS
Finance, MS
Foresight, MS
Geosensing Systems Engineering, MS
Global Retailing, MS
Health Communication, MA
Higher Education, MEd
Hospitality Management, MS
Human Resource Development, MS
Industrial Engineering, MS
Management Information Systems, MS
Marketing, MS
Mass Communication, MA
Materials Science & Engineering, MS
Mechanical Engineering, MS
Petroleum Engineering, MS
Public Administration, MPA
Public Policy, MPP
Public Relations, MA
Sociology, MA
Special Populations, MEd
Sports and Fitness Administration, MA
Statistics and Data Science, MS
Supply Chain & Logistics Technology, MS
Technology Project Management, MS


Florida International University

Accounting, MACC
Adult and Continuing Education and Teaching, MS
African-American/Black Studies, MA
Architecture, MA
Art Teacher Education, MAT/MS
Asian Studies/Civilization, MA
Athletic Training, MS-AT
Audiology/Audiologist and Speech-Language Pathology/Pathologist, MS-SLP
Biomedical Engineering, MS
Biology/Biological Sciences, General, MS
Chemistry, MS
Civil Engineering, MS
Clinical/Medical Social Work, MSW
Computational Science, MS
Computer and Information Sciences, General, MS
Computer and Information Systems Security/Information Assurance, MS
Computer Engineering, MS
Computer Systems Analysis/Analyst, MS
Construction Engineering Technology/Technician, MS
Counselor Education/School Counseling and Guidance Services, MS
Curriculum and Instruction, MS
Dietetics/Dietitian, MS
Early Childhood Education and Teaching, MS
Electrical and Electronics Engineering, MS
Engineering Management, MS
Environmental Studies, MS
Environmental/Environmental Health Engineering, MS
Finance, M.S.
Foreign Language Education, MS
Forensic Science and Technology, PSM
Geosciences, MS
Health/Health Care Administration/Management, MHSA
Human Resources Management/Personnel Administration, General, MS
Information Technology, MS
International and Comparative Education, MS
International Business, MIB
International Real Estate, M.S.
International Relations and Affairs, MA
International/Global Studies, MA
Kinesiology and Exercise Science, MS
Landscape Architecture, MLA
Latin American Studies, MA
Linguistics, M.A.
Logistics and Supply Chain Management, MS
Materials Engineering, MS
Mechanical Engineering, MS
Music Teacher Education, MS
Natural Resources Management and Policy, PSM
Occupational Therapy, MS
Physician Assistant, MPAS
Physics, MS
Public Health, General, MPH
Reading Teacher Education, MS
Spanish Language and Literature, MA
Special Education and Teaching, General, MS
Statistics, M.S.
Systems Engineering, MS
Telecommunications Engineering, MS


Hunter College

Accounting, MS
Adolescent  Special Education Generalist (Grades 7-12), MSEd
Adolescent Biology (Grades 7-12), MA
Adolescent Chemistry  (Grades 7-12), MA
Adolescent Chinese (Grades 7-12), MA
Adolescent Earth Science (Grades 7-12), MA
Adolescent English  (Grades 7-12), MA
Adolescent Math  (Grades 7-12), MA
Adolescent Physics (Grades 7-12), MA
Adolescent Social Studies (Grades 7-12), MA
Adolescent Spanish (Grades 7-12), MA
Adult-GerontologY Clinical Nurse Specialist, MS
Advanced Standing, MSW
Applied Behavior Analysis, MS
Bank Street Dual Degree Program, MSW & MSEd
Biochemistry, MA
Biological Science, MA
Biomedical Laboratory Management, MS
Blind and Visually Impaired (with prior NYS Childhood Teacher Cert), MSEd
Childhood Education (Grades 1-6), MSEd
Childhood Education with Bilingual Ext (Grades 1-6), MSEd
Childhood Education with Specialization in STEM, MSEd
Community/Public Health Nursing, MS
Computer Science, MA
Dance Education, MA
Deaf and Hard of Hearing (with prior NYS Childhood Teacher Cert), MSEd
Early Childhood Education (Birth-Grade 2, no prior NYS Teacher Cert), MSEd
Early Childhood Education (Birth-Grade 2, with prior NYS Teacher Cert), MSEd
Early Childhood Special Edu (Birth-Grade 2, with prior NYS Early Childhood Teacher Cert), MSEd
Early Childhood Special Edu (Birth-Grade 2, with prior NYS Teacher Cert), MSEd
Economics, MA
Educational Leadership (SBL/SDL), MSEd
Educational Psychology, MA
Elementary Mathematics Specialist, MSEd
English Literature, MA
Full-Time Program/Fall Admission Only, MSW
Geography, MA
Geoinformatics, MS
Gerontological/Adult Nurse Practitioner, MS
Integrated Program in Nutrition and Dietetics (IPND), MS
Literacy (Birth-Grade 6), MSEd
Literacy Education (Grades 5-12), MSEd
Mathematics Professional Certification (Grades 7-12), MA
Mathematics Pure, MA
Mental Health Counseling, MSEd
Music Education (Grades preK-12), MA
Nursing Administration/Urban Policy and Leadership, MS
Nutrition – Academic Dietetic Internship, MS
Nutrition – Didactic Program (DP), MS
Nutrition – External Dietetic Internship, MS
Nutrition – Focused Study, MS
One-Year Residence (OYR) Program/Fall Admission Only, MSW
OYR – Mental Health Grant Program/Fall Admission Only, MSW
Physics, MA
Professional Certification in Special Education, MSEd
Psychology, MA
Rehabilitation Counseling, MSEd
School Counseling, MSEd
Spanish, MA
Speech Language Pathology, MS
Statistics & Applied Mathematics, MA
TESOL (Grades Pre K-12 no prior NYS Teacher Cert), MA
TESOL (Grades Pre K-12 with prior NYS Teacher Cert), MA
Theatre, MA
Urban Policy and Leadership, MS
Visual Arts Education (with no prior NYS cert), MA
Visual Arts Education (with prior NYS cert), MA
Visual Impairment: Rehabilitation Teaching, MSEd