Effective Practices Toolkit

Resources on successful programs, policies, and services other colleges are providing DREAMers

Working and Graduate Opportunities for Undocumented Students

An overview of alternative ways to earn a living without work authorization, as well as information about funding available for undocumented students interested in pursuing graduate/professional school.


Suggestions to address Mental Health needs

Lists what adults can do to support youth, signs of mental distress, messages of hope and action, and a list of mental health resources.

Webinar: “Supporting Undocumented Students via Resource Centers: What Institutions can Learn from New Research and Best Practices”


TheDream.US, The Presidents’ Alliance on Higher Education and Immigration, and the UndocuScholars Project at UCLA co-sponsored this webinar presenting the findings of two new studies: “In Their Own Words, Higher Education, DACA & TPS: Results from a National Survey of TheDream.US Scholars;” and “Undocumented Student Resource Centers (USRCs): Institutional Supports for Undocumented Students.” Leaders from USRCs discuss their effective practices and how to start, run, and sustain these centers.

Webinar on Practices to Support DREAMers Post-Election

supporting-dreamers-post-election-thumbnailThis PPT showcases practices Partner Colleges are putting in place to support DREAMers after the recent elections.   To listen to a recording of the webinar click here.

TheDream.US Ally Training Presentation

the-dreamus-ally-training-presentation-thumbnailThis presentation can be used in its entirety or it can be customized to train college faculty, staff and administrators on the barriers DREAMers face and how colleges can provide a supportive environment where DREAMers can thrive and graduate.

Ally Training Pre-Work Packet

pre-work-packet-thumbnailThe Following files may be send to Ally Training Participants before the Training Day to read and do some pre-work.

Immigration Experiential

immigration-experiential-thumbnailAccompanying document to Ally Training Presentations to carry out exercise mentioned in presentation.

Situational Role Play

situational-role-play-thumbnailAccompanying document to Ally Training Presentations to carry out another exercise mentioned in presentation.

Ally Training Evaluation

ally-training-evaluation-thumbnailTo give out to Ally Training attendees to collect feedback on training.

UWDN Institutional Toolkit

uwdn_institutionaltoolkit-thumbnailThis toolkit helps educators work with their institutions to increase the resources and support systems available to undocumented students at their school. It provides a variety of information and highlights effective practices implemented by universities across the nation. The toolkit was developed by United We Dream Network, the largest immigrant youth-led organization in the nation.

Facing the Fear of Deportation

The online MSW program at the University of Southern California has published an infographic about the mental health effects of deportation on children.