Scholars, welcome to your hub. Here you will have online access to old emails we’ve sent, videos answering frequently asked questions, career and personal development opportunities, and an enrichment page with quotes, stories of success and poems.

Add Your Story

Stories are personal and powerful. Stories allow us to connect with others, stretch their hearts, and help us bring awareness to an issue that is complicated and often times misunderstood.  TheDream.US believes in the power of your story and we encourage you to share with us and others.


By submitting your story on thedream.us, you give permission for TheDream.US and its partners to use your story in any and all media formats.

3 Tips for Sharing your Story

Use a quite, well-lit room, to record. While speaking from the heart is best, flow is also important, so write it down first or have an outline of what you want to say before you record.

Talk about what this scholarship means to you and your family. Share your dreams and aspirations. Talk about the challenges you face going to college.

Be creative or just aim for simplicity, but most importantly, be you!