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Guides to Undergrad and Graduate Degrees in Special Education


  1. Online Guide to a Bachelor’s Degree in Special Education – https://www.teachingdegree.org/online-degrees/bachelors-special-education/
  2. Online Guide to a Master’s Degree in Special Education – https://www.teachingdegree.org/online-degrees/masters-special-education/
  3. Online Guide to a Doctorate Degree in Special Education – https://www.teachingdegree.org/online-degrees/doctorate-special-education/

Planning on attending Business, Medical, or Law School?


Khan Academy offers free Prep courses to prepare you for the entrance exams!


LSAT – Law School

GMAT – Business School

MCAT – Medical School

Visit Khan Academy to learn more! 

Earn College credits for free with Modern States


Modern States is a philanthropy dedicated to making a college degree more accessible and affordable and for everyone. It offers a catalog of tuition-free online courses for 40+ core freshman subjects, which enable learners to earn traditional academic credits at more than 2,900 colleges and universities. Taught by professors from leading universities, Modern States courses prepare students for the well-accepted Advanced Placement (AP) and College Level Examination Program (CLEP) exams from the College Board. https://modernstates.org/


Tips for managing emotional and spiritual well-being



Tips designed to alleviate stress and anxiety and tools to conduct safe zone events and incorporate stress-reducing activities. 


Thinking about Graduate School or a PhD Program?


Navigating Graduate School: Resource Guide for Undocumented Students


Guide details legal and practical concerns of undocumented students who wish to pursue graduate school.

Topics addressed include the application process, accessing financial aid, transportation, employment, taxes and resources for support.

Download the guide here

Navigating Grad School Webinar

Navigating Grad School Powerpoint

Read more of My Undocumented Life – Applying to Grad School:



Article: The Reflections of an Unconquered Voice: A Dreamer’s Voyage” by Emelin

Stories of Success