DREAMers make our nation and economy strong




Currently, there are about 650,000 DREAMers with DACA

43,500 DACA recipients are essential workers in critical health care and social assistance professions — many on the frontlines of the COVID-19 pandemic.

85% of Americans believe that NOW is the time to give DREAMers the opportunity to stay in this country.

Polls are consistent in finding that approximately 4 out of 5 Americans, including a strong majority of Democrats and Republicans, support DREAMers and DACA.


3 Steps Employers can take to make this DREAM come true

  1. Hire and retain DACA-mented DREAMers with work authorization who are ready – and legally able – to work and bring the skills we need to revitalize our economy and succeed.
  2. Share the success you have had with DREAMers in your workforce with your peers and network via LinkedIn and other social media platforms, e-newsletters, and direct outreach.
  3. Encourage other businesses to hire and retain DREAMers to help build a more equitable and prosperous company. 

Find out how to help your company hire DREAMers today and spread the word, with this easy-to-use toolkit.  

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