DREAMers make our nation and economy strong





As we work to keep our nation strong during this pandemic and to recover as quickly as possible, DREAMers are essential to our success.



 1) DREAMers help businesses thrive.

DREAMers have the qualities we seek — entrepreneurial, resilient, and determined to succeed. Their education and work experiences are as diverse as their backgrounds, they bring essential cultural perspectives to our businesses and are often bilingual.


 2) DREAMers with work authorizations can work in the United States.

While the immigration system is complicated, hiring practices are clear: DREAMers with DACA can legally work in the United States. Employers cannot refuse to hire DREAMers if they have work authorization and cannot ask about their immigration status. 


3) Hiring DREAMers is just like hiring any other applicant.

DREAMers must meet the education and experience requirements of any job opening. There is no additional administrative or overhead cost to employing a person with a DACA work authorization–they go through the same process as any U.S citizen. 


4) Our nation believes in our DREAMers 

85% of Americans believe that now is the time to give DREAMers the opportunity to stay in this country. Polls are consistent in finding that approximately four out of five Americans, including a strong majority of Democrats and Republicans, support Dreamers and DACA.


5) DREAMers with work authorization help businesses become a force for social good. 

[body]As businesses, we have an opportunity to lead by example. By hiring DREAMers, we uphold our commitments to diversity, equity, and inclusion. We stand with DREAMers whose contributions make our workforce thrive. 


6)  DREAMers are working through this pandemic to keep our nation healthy, and we need to keep them on the job.

DREAMers with DACA are essential workers who are building a stronger, healthier nation – during this pandemic and beyond. Currently, there are over 43,500 DACA recipients who are essential workers in the health care and social assistance industries, according to the Center for Migration Studies


 7) DREAMers can help us recover from this pandemic.

No matter how long DREAMers are authorized to work, they offer employers talent, dedication, and drive. As our nation gets back to work, DREAMers offer the outstanding skills and dedication employers will need to recover from this pandemic and succeed over time.


8) DREAMers can help make our nation stronger.

[body]This is our story to tell together. By businesses working together with DREAMers, we can become the nation we need to be in these critical times, and build a country that is equitable and prosperous for all.


DREAMers are ready for work.

While there is uncertainty around the long-range fate of DACA, DREAMers with DACA remain eligible to work.

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3 Steps Employers can take to make this DREAM come true

  1. Hire and retain DACA-mented DREAMers with work authorization who are ready – and legally able – to work and bring the skills we need to revitalize our economy and succeed.
  2. Share the success you have had with DREAMers in your workforce with your peers and network via LinkedIn and other social media platforms, e-newsletters, and direct outreach.
  3. Encourage other businesses to hire and retain DREAMers to help build a more equitable and prosperous company. 

Find out how to  help your company hire DREAMers today and spread the word, with this easy-to-use toolkit.  Download Toolkit.


 “I want others to know that is okay to be different; to know that coming from different backgrounds and experiences is what makes us stronger; and to know that being an immigrant adds value to those who have never been exposed to other cultures.”

Emerson Loaiza-Gonzalez, HR Associate, Dicerna Pharmaceuticals



“Our innovations thrive on diverse voices, experiences, and perspectives. Attracting and retaining talented people from all over the country and the world helps our company and our economy grow.”


Microsoft President Brad Smith