We Rigorously Collect And Analyze Data On All Aspects Of Our Program

We not only follow the academic performance of our 5,000+ Scholars and our partnerships with our 70+ Partner Colleges, but we also implement original surveys that shed a unique light on what it means to be an undocumented college student and a DREAMer serving institution.

Progress Reports

Every Fall, we review the achievements of our Scholars and program partners from the previous academic year. Our annual Progress Report is a more nuanced, detailed look at our Scholars’ academic and professional outcomes, as well as new organizational developments.

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2018 Progress Report

2018 Progress Report Appendix 

2017 Progress Report


Meet our newest cohort of Scholars.

The following is the 2020-2021 National and Opportunity Scholars.

2020-2021 New Cohort

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Fall 2019 TheDream.US Graduate Snapshot

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Spring 2020 TheDream.US National Scholars 

Spring 2020 TheDream.US Opportunity Scholars

Fall 2019 TheDream.US Program Snapshot

Fall 2019 Grad Snapshot

IN THEIR OWN WORDS TheDream.US 2019-2020 Scholar Survey Report

Results From a National Survey of TheDream.US Scholars


2019-2020 – IN THEIR OWN WORDS: Annual Survey Highlighting Impact of COVID-19 on Scholars’ academic journey and person well-being

In May through mid-June, 2020, TheDream.US administered its second Annual Scholar Survey to better understand our Scholars’ college experiences and the contexts in which they are navigating their college and career journeys. The results provide a unique picture of the impact of the unprecedented COVID-19 pandemic and continuing uncertainty of DACA on our Scholars’ academic journey and personal well-being. Report here

March 2020 – In Their Own Words: The Impact of Covid19 on DREAMers.

To understand the current needs of our Scholars during the Covid-19 crisis TheDream.US surveyed our 3,700+ Scholars. Survey was launched on Monday, March 23rd and closed on Tuesday March 24th. 1679 Scholars completed the Survey; a 44.6% response rate. Report here

2018 – IN THEIR OWN WORDS: Higher Education, DACA, and TPS

In April of 2018, TheDream.US undertook a national, online survey of its Scholars, resulting in responses from over 1,400 Scholars. The survey results provide a unique picture of TheDream.US’s Scholars, including employment and educational gains. The survey responses also paint a portrait of the uncertainty and anxiety that Scholars face in a difficult immigration climate, particularly with the forthcoming end of DACA and TPS. Report here